The Task In Hand presents a fundraiser for Worcestershire Community Record Label

The Task In Hand presents a fundraiser for Worcestershire Community Record Label
with: Hallucinations, Black Boxes, Navajo Ace, Brownfield + more TBC

Date(s) - Friday, December 22, 2017 - 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Tickets: Buy on-line

Black Boxes describe themselves as “Filthy rock ‘n’ roll noise – louder than World War 2“


Worcester band Navajo Ace formed in 2016 and are quickly garnering themselves a reputation as an interesting underground band that make music with power and soul. The band combine a broad spectrum of influences, breathing new life into a sound somewhere between the grittier end of 90s college alt rock, shoegaze and Emo before it became a dirty word.


“ Lyrically intelligent and engaging throughout, there is much to enjoy here: American 90’s Emo in the Texas Is The Reason vein, with added walls of shimmering shoegaze guitars. Infectious and richly harmonic college rock, this is stuff that lingers on after listening, and that – you can hope – promises much more to come. “ SLAP Magazine, August 2017

“ The EP is a strong statement of intent, the blend of Emo and Indie Rock is perfect. Navajo Ace are a bright spark in the current UK new music scene. Keep your eyes out for these guys, they’re going to be huge…”, August 2017

“ Navajo Ace have begun to carve a name for themselves with their soulful and layered indie rock sound. They use guitars, drums and the human voice and maybe some good old fashioned, gods-honest blues harp. They write songs that are about everything and about nothing..something that actually shines like a lamp in the whistling dark.”, August 2017



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